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Why is the Teflon coating commonly black?

August 10, 2022

The Teflon coating that we commonly see is usually black, or dark, and many people have the question, why can't it be made into a bright colour?


Teflon coating can be toned, but it is affected by the temperature and colour powder, some colours cannot be toned, some colours can be toned, but it is not recommended.


1. Not recommended for light colours


Teflon paints are made up of primer and topcoat, its colour is made up of colour powder for the primer and pearlescent powder for the topcoat.

If a light colour is required, the primer topcoat must be a lighter shade of colour powder or pearl powder.


There are 2 drawbacks to light coloured Teflon coatings.


Firstly, when spraying and baking, the temperature deviates slightly and the colour of the coating deviates greatly.


Secondly, when the coating is heated, the colour becomes uneven.


2. Can't mix bright colours


The temperature resistance of the colour powder plays a major constraint, below 180°C, most of the colour powder is not decomposed and carbonised, but the colour powder that can withstand 300 degrees, whether inorganic or organic colour powder are not many, especially bright colours, more rare, in addition, Teflon coating heated to 380°C curing, the resin will be a little yellow, also affect the bright colours. Combined with these two factors, Teflon paint cannot be mixed with bright colours.


3. The cost of some special effect colours is very high and the price is not easily accepted, so customers may give up using them.